Base solar system

Solar system on VW T5 California

Solar set for campers with low energy needs

Two solar modules, each with 36 cells made of monocrystalline silicon
• Peak rated power 100Wp
• Average daily yield 400Wh, respectively 33Ah per day
• PWM Solar charging controller with monitored load output
Silver anodised, seawater-resistant aluminium profile frame
• Installation on stable aluminium angle profiles
• roof mounting on existing roof rails (e.g. C-rails on VW California or airline rails) or customizable (please contact me)
• Spiral cable for easily opening and closing a pop up roof
• Connection to the existing on-board batteries
• stainless, UV-resistant, waterproof (IP65)
• Module size in mm: 1090 x 668
• Weight approx. 10kg
The solar modules are subject to a 25-year performance guarantee
(80% of output)

Price:  € 655,00
Without packaging and shipping