Solar system for campers, VW T5/T6, Vans

VW T5 California with Basis solar system for campers

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Would you like to equip your camper van with a solar system? You want to be self-sufficient and also stand in beautiful places without electricity? Are the electricity costs and lump sums on many pitches far too high?

With me you will find your

Solar system for campers, e.g. for VW T5, T6 or other camping buses and campers as well as for tents

Solar systems on camper vans are usually glued to the roof of the vehicle and the cables are moved through the roof into the interior by means of cable feedthrough. These solar systems can therefore no longer be removed without damage to the vehicle, which is out of the question for most drivers of camper vans and buses. So why not attach the solar system for camper vans to the mostly existing roof rails or mounts. The images each show a solar system mounted on VW T5/T6 California on the roof rails.

Your wishes for a solar system concern not only the installation on the vehicle, but also the performance of the solar modules tailored to your needs. In many cases, the height of the solar system is also important. Therefore, I offer you the opportunity to coordinate all options so that you get a solar system to your liking.

Solar system according to your needs

I help you build a solar system that meets your vehicle and your needs. The solar systems I supply come complete with solar panels, charge controllers, cables and fastening materials. They are pre-assembled as much as possible, with the enclosed instructions you can easily install the system yourself. And for those who do not want to install a solar system directly on the vehicle, as well as for Campers with tents who do not want to do without solar power, I offer light and flexible, foldable solar folders.

Under the menu item products you will find fixed and mobile solar systems for different needs.

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