By VW Bus in Latvia
Raymond Wicht with VW T5 California in Latvia. A Premium 160 on the roof.

Being enthusiastic campers, my wife Elke and I fulfilled a dream of buying a VW Bus T5 California in 2011. Thereby we switched to the slightly more comfortable form of the campervan after decades of camping with tents. I quickly realized that you still need your own power generator, if you really want to use these additional amenities independently of campsites. That made me think about a solar system for our T5 California. This should be fixed in the existing C-rails and therefore removable. I did not want to drill a hole in the roof to run the cables inside, and the roof should also be able to be opened and closed without any problems. Unfortunately, there was no system on the market complying my wishes. As an electrical engineer, whom I worked in development for years, I then designed a suitable system and built it up on our vehicle. From 2015, I also offered this first system to other T5 drivers. Due to many new ideas, small improvements and, of course, new customer wishes, I have since expanded and constantly developed my offer. The solutions are also interesting for drivers of other campervans, because they have similar wishes and needs.

My concern is to advise you competently and thus to find and build an optimal solution for you. Your satisfaction is my drive.